How Do You Hide Extensions In Thin Hair?
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How Do You Hide Extensions In Thin Hair?

How Do You Hide Extensions In Thin Hair?



You've spent hours on YouTube searching for tutorials about how to apply hair extensions, picked out the perfect color and length of your desired extensions, and finally made an appointment with your stylist. But once you get them in, you realize that they don't look natural! You're not alone: there are many women who suffer from this problem. For example, I have thin hair and have worn extensions for years. After trying many different brands and styles of extension packs over time, I've learned a few tricks that will help you put in hair extensions without anyone knowing they're fake! Let's start with some basic tips:


Tip One: Match Your Extensions To Your Natural Hair Color

You want to make sure that the extensions you buy are in the same shade as your natural hair color. If you have dark hair, choose dark extensions; if you have light hair, choose light extensions. If your natural color is somewhere in between, go for neutral tones like medium brown or mahogany.
If your hair is already starting to grey, consider buying gray extensions to match it—this will help blend the look together better than using a different color altogether would do (and who wants a completely unnatural-looking head of hair?).


Tip Two: Backcombing

If you need to give your hair volume, but don't want to add too much thickness, backcombing is the way to go. This technique works well on thin hair because it helps create volume in a natural-looking way.
Backcombing is done by combing hair in the opposite direction of the hair's growth and overlapping each section with another layer of hair. The more layers you add, the thicker it will be! Backcombing should always start at ends of your head and work its way up towards your roots instead of starting from root to tip of your head like some other styling techniques do.
First, divide your mane into small sections (about 3-4 inches). Then use a wide tooth comb or boar bristle brush and start brushing outwards from bottom towards top like this: 



Tip Three: Applying Volumizing Dry Shampoo

It's important to use a dry shampoo that really absorbs excess oil. Some options are baby powder, cornstarch and even cocoa powder. To apply:
Shake the can vigorously before spraying onto your hair from a distance of about eight inches away.
Brush through with a wide-bristle brush, making sure you get into all the creases if possible (or use a blow dryer on low heat).
Let dry for a few minutes before styling as usual!



Tip Four: Style Your Natural Hair

You might also consider styling your natural hair. A cream or gel can keep your hair in place, so you don't have to worry about the extensions looking messy. If you have straight or wavy hair, blow drying your natural hair before placing the clip-in extensions will help smooth it out and make it easier for them to blend with your own locks. If you have curly hair, using a curling iron or flat iron on damp strands will give the illusion of fuller volume without making the curls hard to manage later on when they dry naturally.
For those who prefer not to blow dry their natural locks into submission every day but still want more oomph than what comes naturally—or if this was simply just not an option for them—a curling wand may be worth investing in as well! This tool heats up like a traditional flat iron but allows users much more control over how they style their mane; meaning they'll get free reign over whether they want big waves or soft curls (and everything in between).


Tip Five: Using Proper Hair Extensions

To properly hide your extensions, you’re going to want to use human hair extensions. You can buy these in a variety of lengths, but keep in mind that the longer ones will be harder for you to manage when applying them. Also, if you want your extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair color and texture, it’s important that you match those as well.
If possible (and if money permits), it may also be worth investing in real human hair rather than synthetic ones because they tend to last longer and require less maintenance in general. Your goal here is not only to achieve maximum coverage but also maximum longevity at the same time!


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Tip Six: Choose The Right Hair Texture For Hair Extensions

Choosing the right hair extensions for your hair type is important. For example, if you have thin hair and decide to buy some thick, coarse extensions, they will look very unnatural in your thin strands of hair. In this case, choose a texture that is the same as yours or even thinner than yours.
For example: If you have thick curly hair but want to add length without bulkiness then try adding some straight pieces with a few curls at each end (the effect is subtle but still noticeable).
It’s also important when choosing extensions that they are the same color as your natural color! The wrong shade will stand out like a sore thumb and make it look like you have colored tips instead of natural ones.
A few simple tricks will help you put in extensions that won't be obvious.
If you've got thin hair, you need to do a few things to make sure your extensions are hidden and undetectable. First, find the right color for your hair—matching it is a good start. Second, backcomb some volume into what little natural hair you have left. Third, use volumizing dry shampoo on the rest of your head (or at least the part that will be visible). Finally, style the extensions with whatever method works best for them; this might mean pinning them up or spraying hairspray on them so they stay put while you're out partying until dawn!
The moral of this story is that while extensions are great because they can transform your appearance in an instant, they're also more obvious than other methods if not done properly. If you want people to think these aren't real and just part of who you really are? Then follow these steps closely.


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We’ve given you a few tips to help you hide your hair extensions. The best place to start is by finding the right color and texture for your hair. Then, make sure that you have a good blend between your natural hair and the extensions so they’re not too obvious. You can also use volumizing dry shampoo to give yourself extra volume at the roots or style with curling irons or flat iron irons that don't leave marks behind


Eseewigs offers a full range of hair extensions, which means you can always find the perfect hair extensions to suit your lifestyle.
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