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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program


What is affiliate program?

Affiliate program offers you a free chance to earn money just by share your link with others, you will get commission from any transactions generated from your link. What you need to do is just share the link in your blogs, social website (Facebook,Twitter,Ins..), forum.

Why join us?

-Earn 5% commission on qualifying sales you refer to eseewigs.com!
-Lifetime unique link, never invalid.
-Access to exclusive affiliate offers
-Track your sales statistics in "My Account" on eseewigs.com
-Get payment to your Paypal account anytime without any limit.


How it works?

Register or sign in your account on eseewigs.com, it works no matter you order or not.
Go to my account and click “Make money” then you can see the overview of affiliate program.

Share your own referral link on social medial directly or copy and paste it on your web, blogs, forums, you can even make a promotion in order to generate more sales.

You will get 5% commission for anyone who makes order come through your link to our web.
Check the commission you earned and get to your Paypal account.


Withdraw Your Money

With our affiliate program it is very easy to withdraw money to your Paypal account anytime.


-Commissions shall be paid on Net Sales for Qualifying Transactions. Net Sales means the amount actually paid to Eseewigs.com for Qualifying Transactions, excluding any amounts paid for sales taxes, duties, shipping and handling, or similar fees.
-Eseewigs will not pay commissions on cancelled orders or full refunded orders. For partly refunds or Exchanges, commissions will be adjusted downwards according to the final sales amount.
-Eseewigs will not pay commission on orders placed by affiliates themselves.

Easily withdraw your money.

Step 1: Check the total commision you have and click withdraw.

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and your Paypal account information then you will receive full amount to your account.