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Hair Difference

What is the difference among your European hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and Indian hair ?


1.Hair Quality :

European hair > Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair > Indian hair.

2.Short Hair Ratio:

European hair < Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair < Indian hair.

Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair are thicker and stronger than Indian hair. Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair hold curls better and behave better for dying than Indian hair.

3.Dying Color:

European Virgin hair & Peruvian Virgin hair & Brazilian Virgin hair & Malaysian Virgin hair Natural Color can be dyed to any color.  But if you choose specific color, such as #1, #1b,#3..., then this hair can not be dyed to lighter color,even it is made using virgin hair.

Indian hair Only can be dyed to darker colors, such as #1,#1B,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#10.

Indian Remy Hair Only can be dyed to darker colors than its original color.


European hair > Peruvian hair > Brazilian hair > Malaysian hair > Indian hair.



Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair: ★★★★★

European hair: ★★★

Indian hair: ★★